Whey Protein Concentrate v/s Whey Protein Isolate

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This is a post about the differences between Whey protein concentrate and Whey protein isolate.                                                                     
Whey protein concentrate and Whey protein isolate  are 2 products that offer different protein, lactose, fat and carb content per serving. 

Here is the  comparative analysis between Whey protein isolate and Whey protein concentrate per 33 gms scoup (Protein, Lactose, Fat and Carb content)


Whey protein isolate contains approx. 25 gms pure protein content per serving.

Whey protein concentrate has approx. 25 gm  protein content per serving.


Whey protein isolate has under 1% lactose content.

Whey protein concentrate approx. 50% lactose content.


Whey protein isolate has 0.5 gms fat content.

Whey protein concentrate has 1.2 gms fat content.


Whey protein isolate has 1 gm per serving. 

Whey protein concentrate has > 2 gms per serving.


Whey protein isolate has a higher amino acid profile.

Whey protein concentrate has a lower amino acid profile.


Whey protein isolate : If you are on a strict low-calorie diet or currently watching calories carefully to prepare for a bodybuilding show or competition, Whey protein isolate will be the better product.

Whey protein concentrate : If you aren’t worried about your current calorie consumption, Whey protein concentrate will provide you with beneficial results.


Just be careful not to buy a blend of Whey protein isolate and Whey protein concentrate, as this will remove the benefit of no lactose and lower fat and carb content. 

  • Both whey concentrate and isolate will digest in the body at the same rate/speed and also contain the same amounts of amino acids (building blocks of proteins).
  • Both Whey protein concentrate and Whey protein  isolate will provide the consumer with almost identical results when it comes to building muscle and supporting your training goals. 
  • Essentially both Whey protein concentrate and Whey protein isolate are very similar in regards to nutrition. If you are simply wanting to build a lean physique, either one of the two products will provide you with great benefits for muscle development, maintenance and growth.
I will be reviewing many more such health, wellness and sports related products. If you have any queries or comments please feel free to comment in the comments section.

Given below are 2 protein supplements. Ultimate Nutrition Whey Gold (Whey concentrate) and Isopure Low Carb 100% (Whey Isolate) the comparative analysis is given above.

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